Bookkeeping and Accounting

Bookkeeping and accounting and tax consultancy are provided in regard of business tax. Offer high-quality accounting and staff who is in charge of bringing out customers’ document for tax filing. Enhance convenience for customers’ bookkeeping in accordance with our mission, “ accounting one-stop service” covering all ranges of accounting as well as consulting accurate business accounting.

1) Monthly / Yearly Closing

Monthly is to charge bookkeeping service per month and collect documents for monthly tax filing. Yearly is to charge bookkeeping service at lump sum. The advantage is that the fee is cheaper than monthly service and convenient for us to organize bookkeeping consecutively in each month.

2) Accounting Consultancy

Providing advice related to accounting and suggesting accurate bookkeeping. Accounting system is probably checked for various times but it is an advantage for your business having an accurate accounting. It is suitable for business owners to manage accounting closely with their own staff.

3) Accounting Planning

Accounting planning is provided accurately in adherence with the accounting principle. For a starter business, we are ready to offer righteous advice of bookkeeping.

4) Yearly Budget Organizing

The service ranged from yearly closing of business, company limited, and ordinary partnership with reasonable price and care. Read more: financial cost article.

Business Registration Service, Registration for Changing

  1. Registration Service for businesses and ordinary partnership

When starting new business, juristic person registration can help build up more reliability to the business and ordinary partnership. Suggest more details such as authority of committee and number of shareholder affecting business administration.

2.Registration for Changing Address

We can help you register the changing address of the head office or add more branches quickly, conveniently and easily..

3.VAT Registration

Any person with regular income, ordinary partnership, and natural person with earning exceeding 1.8 million baht per year in charge of registering VAT.

4.Rubber Stamp

5.Design a rubber stamp of company with many choices.

Tax Service

1) Tax Plan Consultancy

2) Filing P.N.D.1, P.N.D. 3, and P.N.D. 53

3) Tax Filing for Value Added Tax 30 (PP.30)

4) Filing P.N.D. 51, P.N.D. 52.

5) Filing P.N.D. 91, P.N.D. 90