We are experienced in accounting, organizing annual budget, submitting a variety of tax. If you seek a very professional, proficient, and experienced accountant, we are definitely your choice. Our accounting is aimed to offer a reasonably priced and trustworthy accounting service. We guarantee fast and accurate bookkeeping and precise accounting consultancy that build up our customers’ trust.

* Good,  Accurate, and  Fast Accounting Service*

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Bookkeeping and Accounting Monthly service fee starting from 1,500 baht

Monthly Service Fee:

1.) 1- 20 forms of documents: 1,500 baht per monthly

2) 21- 40 forms of documents: 2,000 baht per monthly

3) 41-80 forms of document: 2,500 baht per monthly

4) 81-120 forms of documents : 3,000 baht per monthly

5) 121 – 200 forms of documents : 3,500 baht per monthly

#Accounting Entry#Cost/Revenue Summary#Calculation of Tax Income Filing for the Revenue Department#service including tax filing#Estimated Half-Yearly or Every 6 Months PND 51

Advantages Earned from Our Services:

-Accounting-principled and accurate bookkeeping

-Bookkeeping – revenue and cost of goods, sorting different types of accounting based on the principle of accounting.

-Guaranteed to reduce confusion when bookkeeping

-Staff ready to receive documents for accounting entry

-Reasonably priced service that help reduce accounting cost

-Fast and convenient service providing and informing customer the calculation and the filing of monthly tax summary

-Accounting and Tax consultancy service

*Monthly service fee starting from 1,500 baht