We are experienced in accounting, organizing annual budget, submitting a variety of tax. If you seek a very professional, proficient, and experienced accountant, we are definitely your choice. Our accounting is aimed to offer a reasonably priced and trustworthy accounting service. We guarantee fast and accurate bookkeeping and precise accounting consultancy that build up our customers’ trust.

* Good,  Accurate, and  Fast Accounting Service*

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Bookkeeping and Accounting Monthly service fee starting from 1,500 baht


Monthly Service Fee:

1.) 1- 20 forms of documents: 1,500 baht per monthly

2) 21- 40 forms of documents: 2,000 baht per monthly

3) 41-80 forms of document: 2,500 baht per monthly

4) 81-120 forms of documents : 3,000 baht per monthly

5) 121 – 200 forms of documents : 3,500 baht per monthly#Accounting Entry#Cost/Revenue Summary#Calculation of Tax Income Filing for the Revenue Department#service including tax filing#Estimated Half-Yearly or Every 6 Months PND 51

Advantages Earned from Our Services:

1) Accounting-principled and accurate bookkeeping

2) Bookkeeping – revenue and cost of goods, sorting different types of accounting based on the principle of accounting.

3) Guaranteed to reduce confusion when bookkeeping

4) Staff ready to receive documents for accounting entry

5) Reasonably priced service that help reduce accounting cost

6) Fast and convenient service providing and informing customer the calculation and the filing of monthly tax summary

7) Accounting and Tax consultancy service

*Monthly service fee starting from 1,500 baht

*Lump sum for annual payment plus free 1 month of service

*Register with us plus free 3 month trials.

*Free accounting program when using our services